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Fireside Peace Chat – Global Cycles of Conflict in DRC and Abroad

Join this edition of Fireside Peace Chats for an informal, intimate chat with peacebuilders.

Join us for the next edition in the Fireside Peace Chats series, titled “Global Cycles of Conflict: The Armed Conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Abroad”. This edition takes place with a human rights defender from the Great Lakes region of Africa and current Shelter City Deventer guest. This speaker is a part of the Congolese organisation Centre for the Observation of Human Rights and Social Assistance or CODHAS , which advocates for human rights, peace, and an equitable community access to land and mineral resources.

We will explore and discuss the cycle of conflict in the east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, in addition to those of neighbouring countries in the Great Lakes region such as Burundi, Uganda, and Rwanda. Through a wholistic comprehension of the region, we will discuss the humanitarian crisis, human rights violations, stakeholders in the conflict(s), the importance of minerals and land, and the vicious cycles of conflict present.


Sever Dzigurski (KPSRL)

More about Fireside Peace Chats

The Fireside Peace Chats series is an event series consisting of informal, intimate chats with peacebuilders who have either lived in for an extended period of time or are from conflict-affected environments. Fireside Peace Chats are a joint initiative of Leiden University College The Hague (LUC), Knowledge Platform for Security and Rule of the Law (KPSRL), and The Hague Humanity Hub (THHH), with an aim to open a space where practice, research and policy in peacebuilding come together in an informal way, through experience of people on the ground. This initiative aims to contribute to a locally informed paradigm shift in liberal peacebuilding.

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