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Availability of the spaces

Many things are possible at Utopia, often at the same time. The café and venue can accommodate 40 and 50 visitors respectively. The grand café (venue and café connected) can accommodate 100 visitors. The numbers do depend somewhat on the type of activity.

The agenda below indicates with BEZET what time which part of Utopie is definitely in use for a small or large event. It is always important to confirm a booking as soon as possible so that the booking is final. Only then can you count 100% on the availability of the space!

OPTIE indicates that use is not yet certain. If you see OPTIE and have your eye on that day and time, it certainly pays to contact us. We will then contact the OPTIE holder directly and let you know within 24 hours whether that OPTIE is definite or whether space might be available for you after all.

As long as you have an OPTIE (and you have not yet confirmed the booking) other candidates can apply. When that happens, you generally have to convert your OPTIE into a definite booking within 24 hours to prevent the option from lapsing. It is therefore important to turn an OPTIE into a definite booking as soon as possible.