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Livestream podcast with Carlos & Anne-Linn

In this episode, presenters Carlos and Anne-Linn will share and critique each other’s personal motivations for working at Utopie. Was it more than just hard work, and what are our priorities?

Utopie melkschuim (links) & David Attenborough (rechts)
We will also touch upon the newly released Netflix Documentary “David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet” It explores the worldwide loss of natural ecosystems, and presents solutions full of hope – which we plan on critically discussing. Can we save ourselves only through technology, and does nature have all the answers?
If you have any questions for Carlos and Anne-Linn you can leave them on CuriousCat ( before we start, ask through social media or emal; or drop them in the chat when we’re live!
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Utopie Podcast

Just hard work?