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Movie night: Duty of Care – about the lawyer who forced Shell to its knees

The documentary Duty of Care provides an inspiring look behind the
scenes of the lawsuits against Shell and the Dutch government to tackle
climate change. Starring the understated but passionate lawyer Roger
Cox. In two landmark cases, he manages to get causing catastrophic
climate change declared illegal.

May 20th Movie night: Duty of Care – about the lawyer who forced Shell to its knees

Successful lawyer Roger Cox turned his life around when he heard about climate change. He won historic lawsuits, including against the Dutch state and against Shell. In the documentary Duty of Care we find out what motivates him. On Friday evening, May 20, Teachers for Climate, in collaboration with Leren voor morgen and the Social Tipping Point Coalition, organises the screening of Duty of Care in Grand Cafe Utopie.

The documentary Duty of Care provides an inspiring look behind the scenes of the lawsuits against Shell and the Dutch government to tackle climate change. Starring the understated but passionate lawyer Roger Cox. In two landmark cases, he manages to get causing catastrophic climate change declared illegal.

Drinks and walk-in from 18.00

Start documentary: 19.00

20.30 Q and A with Katy Olivia van Tergouw from Stop Ecocide NL and Femke Sleegers from the Social Tipping Point Coalition

21.00 drinks and chat

Seats are limited, sign up here [2] to reserve a place. The evening will be in English, but questions can be asked in Dutch. For questions email

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