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Lid van programmagroep, video, livestream, podcast

I grew up in Coimbra, Portugal, raised within the artistic and cultural circles of the city. Most of which had rich Marxist and Anarchist backgrounds. I’ve done a lot of on-stage acting, videos for events and protests, as well as a fair amount of traditional dancing. Oh, and I also studied Architecture, but eventually dropped out… Relationships built over time, the desire to see architectural monuments in person, and international dancing events have taken me all across Europe. Eventually moved to Den Haag, in search of a better life; leaving almost everything behind.

How and why did you come to Utopie?

I came to work for Utopie as a part of the newly built Programma Team, and eventually expanded my responsibilities into the field of video production. I was introduced to the organization through my time in Extinction Rebellion NL, which held their Den Haag meetings at the cafe. Looking into it even further revealed that it was ran as a Co-op and that it tried its best to operate; as a cafe, an organisation and a workplace; as ethically as possible. And, that it had a very concrete social project of supporting local grassroots groups and communities. This seemed to align almost perfectly with my own set of personal values and beliefs. It also eliminated the familiar and overwhelming feelings of stress and anxiety I felt when having to work in an environment that simply doesn’t care. So, when I found the opportunity to join, I didn’t think twice before taking a chance!

What is your favourite memory of Utopie?

Having joined the team in the midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic hasn’t really helped in building a lot of meaningful memories alongside other people – which are usually the ones that stick with me the most. Having said that, I really enjoy participating in events my co-workers put together. To me, an event feels that much more engaging if I personally know who’s behind it. And they put so much of themselves into it, it’s hard to not be at least a little bit proud. That feeling is the best. Every time that strong sense of camaraderie creeps up is memorable, and sticks out as a favourite.

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