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Lid van programma team

I recently joined the program team at Utopie, where I look forward to organising events at the cafe, such as discussions, movie screenings and book readings.

I came to the Netherlands 6 years ago from Russia to study engineering; here I got involved in the sustainable energy transition through a job as a wind energy researcher. Next to my work I have quickly become interested in the broader social and political discourse around climate change. Currently I am also continuing my education by studying philosophy. Since moving to the Hague last year, I am enjoying exploring the dunes in my free time and volunteering in local projects. Having moved to the city just at the start of the pandemic, I still have a lot to discover!

How and why did you come to Utopie?

I have first come to Utopie when I attended events organised by the local Extinction Rebellion group. I found Utopie to be very special: the cafe has a strong ethical focus and great atmosphere for hosting discussions. It is a meeting point for a whole community of people working on ecological and social topics in the city, so there is always something interesting happening. When I heard that Utopie is looking for new members to join the program team, I knew that I wanted to be a part of it.

What is your favourite memory of Utopie?

At one point last year I came to Utopie to meet with a reading group on feminist ecology, and I really enjoyed the discussion we had that evening, getting to know people who I have not met before, but who all shared similar ideals. During the lockdown I missed being able to join such events in person, and I hope to create more nice memories of Utopie in the near future.

What does your utopia look like?

A world where all people are able to do meaningful work that contributes positively to their community. Where everyone’s basic needs are met irrespective of class, nationality, gender or skin colour, and where we have moved past binary oppositions of male/female and human/nature, embracing diversity and continuity.

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