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Utopie is a not-for-profit organization and its rental rates take into account an applicant’s financial capacity. The venue and café can seat 40 and 50 people, respectively, and can be separated off with a panel wall. The two spaces together make up the Grand Café, which can seat up to 100 people. The number of guests that can be accommodated also depends on the nature of the event.

Rates per hour include use of a whiteboard, flipchart, overhead projector, sound equipment and basic technical set-up.
Booking costs   €20 €20
Venue (max. 40 pers.) Partition wall closed | Min. 3 hours €60 €30
Café (max. 50 pers.) Partition wall closed | Min. 3 hours €60 €30
Grand café (max. 100 pers.) Partition wall open | Min. 3 hours €120 €60
Technical assistance For professional video and audio support during the event | Min.3 hours €120 €60

* The discount is only applicable for organizations that cannot afford to pay the regular fees. However, this discount rate does not cover costs so we ask more affluent organizations to pay the regular rate. In this way, Utopie remains accessible even to idealists on a tight budget.

Turnover discount (exclusive use for private drinks, birthdays etc.)
Turnover drinks Discount regular (full) rental rate
€500 – €749 25% (max 4 uur)
€750 – €999 50% (max 4 uur)
€1000 > 100% (max 4 uur)

Cancellation costs

  • More than 30 days in advance: no costs.
  • 30 to 14 days in advance: you must pay 50% of the rent.
  • 13 days or less in advance: you must pay 100% of the rent.


The full menu can be found on Below is an overview of catering options for organizations renting our space. The menu is almost entirely organic and completely vegan. Catering can be included in the same invoice as the rental.

Coffee and tea
Coffee in thermal carafe (+/-12 cups) €22
Tea in thermal carafe (+/-12 cups) €17

Coffee arrangement

Pots of coffee and tea (2 cups of coffee/ tea per person) served with a delicious piece of cake or brownie

€6 pp
Option 1: Individual payment Guests pay for their own drinks.
Option 2: Tab Guests order their drinks at the bar. The organizers pay the full bill by card at the end of the event.
Option 3: Vouchers The organizer distributes vouchers to their guests. Utopie collects the voucher for each order, and records the orders in the register. The organizer pays for all orders by card at the end of the event.
Basic lunch Sandwich buffet: 2 fresh sandwiches per person with a range of delicious toppings and spreads. €8 p.p.
Luxury lunch Luxury lunch buffet: a selection of sandwiches with freshly baked bread and various toppings and spreads, soup of the day, fresh mixed salad and fresh fruit. €13 p.p.

Utopie is equipped with a small kitchen. For large groups, dinner is prepared elsewhere. It is, therefore, important to make timely arrangements.

For smaller groups (below 10) too, you are kindly advised to inform us one day in advance of the number of guests who will be serving dinner by sending an email to so that we do not risk having to disappoint anyone.

v.a. €11 p.p.
Snack arrangement
1 snack arrangement is for 3 people and includes 6 hot snacks, a portion of olives, a tray of nuts and a basket of bread with spreads. €13,67 p.p.

! The food and drink prices listed above do not include the 9% VAT!