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Help with promotion

Practical information

To mention when advertising your event:
  • Utopie is wheelchair accessible
  • Utopie is located in a former school building on Waldeck Pyrmontkade 116 in The Hague. The entrance is around the corner on Elandstraat, next to restaurant de Hagedis.
  • Utopie is easily accessible by bicycle and tram 3 stops next door. There are no parking spaces available for visitors on the site itself
  • When weekday activities take place in the evening, the café is open from 5pm, so your guest can eat at Utopie before going to your event if they wish. Utopie serves a number of simple meals that can be reserved here. Only those who make reservations and show up at Utopie’s bar one hour before the programme starts can count on getting a meal before the programme starts.
  • At Utopie, you can only pay with PIN. We do not accept cash.

Supply promotional material

For the most visibility and impact, it is advisable to start promoting the event on time. Therefore, we ask you to send us promotional material as early as possible, preferably no later than two weeks in advance. Even if the programme is not 100% fixed, make a first draft and send it to us so that we can announce it. Additional information can be added later if necessary.
Please forward the following information to
  • Date and time of event
  • Summary of the event in three lines.
  • Description of the event with the schedule and any speakers. Maximum 20 lines.
  • Possible link to registration page/ticket sales.
  • Image for publicity. Note: only royalty-free photos
  • Logo of your organisation

BASIC publicity package

The basic package is intended for publicly accessible events. The cost is included in the rental rate.
What can you expect from Utopia:
  • You can hang your own flyers and posters in Utopie. Outside opening hours, you can put posters and flyers in our mailbox (next to the entrance).
  • We post your event on the Utopie website
  • We make a facebook event. If you create these yourself, it’s best to add Utopie as the co-organizer.
  • We mention he event in the calendar of the digital newsletter.
  • When you tag us in your facebook and instagram posts we repost.
  • When you make us co-owner of a post on instagram we increase your reach.
Regarding the above, we do make a caveat for events on topics we would like to host as an organisation, but which we do not want to profile ourselves with.

BASIC PLUS publicity package

Cost: €250 (excluding 21% vat)
What to expect from Utopie:
  • Everything from the Basic package
  • We will submit your event to various calendars insofar as the event fits within the editorial conditions applicable to those calendars.
  • These include the online calendars: Spreeek, Bewust Den Haag, UITagenda Den Haag, Eventbrite, Duurzaam Den Haag, the weekly magazine Den Haag Centraal and the Krant Zeeheldennieuws.
  • We place the event on the Utopie agenda at least 1 week in advance on Utopie’s home page under the heading “Featured”.
  • We write a separate piece about the event in our digital newsletter.
  • We make two (extra) instagram and facebook posts for promotion in which we tag your organisation and add it as co-owner.
  • We announce your event in up to five relevant facebook groups.
  • Send targeted invitations to a maximum of ten relevant organisations, possibly to be suggested by you.

If you choose the BASIC PLUS package, we need key information about the event no later than 1 month in advance.


BASIC PLUS publicity package

Cost: €300 (excluding 21% vat + your chosen advertising budget)
What to expect from Utopie:
  • Everything from the Basic Plus package
  • We place paid advertisements on instagram and/or facebook. We then ask you to tell us what your budget is, the target group, your target area, their age and interests.

Tailor-made publicity

Costs: starting rate €250 (up to and including the tailor-made conversation), thereafter €50 per hour.)

Bespoke consultation. We schedule a consultation to draw up a publicity plan together. It is advisable to do this at least 1 month prior to the event. Together, we agree on the best promotional tools for the event.