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Regen Movie Night ‘Radical Resilience’

Rebelling can be hard and stressful, which brings a real risk of burn-out. For some activists it’s comfortably far away, for others already huge. To learn about ways in which you can strengthen or rebuild ourselves, as well as to spend an evening together, XR is getting together at Café Utopie to watch the wonderful movie “Radical Resilience”.

Some of the questions the film explores are:

How sustainable are our movements? Do we gain strength from our activism or does it burn us out? Are our group dynamics supportive or are they sometimes draining? How do mechanisms of oppression and privilege play into it all? And how can we improve things and move towards a more caring, inclusive and resilient form of activism?

For more information, check out the trailer.

The movie starts at 20:00 on the 8th of October, at Grand Café Utopie. Utopie opens at 19:00. After the screening, we will take some time for reflection and discussion. The movie will be in English, with English subtitles. Also, donations for the movie makers are much appreciated.

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