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Student conversation: “100 Years of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: What Now?”

A conversation evening with fellow students to deepen our understanding on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The history of Israel and Palestine is full of tension, controversy, and violent conflict. Recently violence intensified, yet again. To better understand this conflict, we must look both at its historical roots and long-term developments across the region. In this conversation evening, we will talk about the conflict’s evolution and prospect for change. We will consider the actors involved and where they stand after the latest outbreak of violence, shifts in regional and international alignments, and how the factor of time plays into the conflict.

Noa Schonmann will be there to guide the conversation, answer some questions and pose others.

We are looking to create a space where everyone can freely ask questions and openly listen to each other.

Walk in: 19.00

Start conversation: 19.30


Please sign up by emailing using your student email.


Participating in the conversation requires basic knowledge on the conflict. After signing up we will offer via email links to some online sources recommended for viewing or reading in preparation for the event.

We hope to see you there!

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