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Tabaria Cafe Den Haag

Note: This event is at maximum capacity and thus sold out.

Explore Palestinian art, henna, embroidery, literature, and more while trying delicious food and coffee. The evening program showcases talented Palestinian and MENA region artists.

What to expect at Tabaria?

– Caffeine boost and special winter drinks prepared by your Favourite Palestinian barista.
– Middle Eastern sandwiches, including Labneh and Makdous, Falafel. Zaatar Bun, Cheese Bun, and Gluten-free Zaatar Bun.
– We are working on providing Maqluba, Molokhiya and Mussakhan rolls (To Be Announced).
– A variety of desserts, catering to different dietary preferences such as Vegan, Vegetarian, and Gluten-free.

Next to Tabaria Cafe:

• Mini Tables for Handmade Goods and Merchandise

• Handmade jewelry and gifts crafted Dy passionate Palestinian and pro-Palestine small businesses, with a focus on Palestine-themed items.

• Palestinian merchandise from Stichting Feis and Al Quds shop.

• Arabic books from TheOpenWorldLibrary and another library (To Be Announced).

• Artwork painted by Palestinian and pro-Palestine artists.

• posters made by a designer in Gaza (all proceeds will be donated to him)
• Live performances in the evening featuring talented Palestinian and pro-Palestine artists.
• Diverse performances including spoken words with movements, rap, poetry, storytelling in both Arabic & English, and music.

For this event a registry is required which you can complete here.

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