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UTOPIE podcast met Marco en Etienne

Why are places where idealistic people can come together necessary in cities? What do those places look like? What does this have to do with gentrification?

Marco van Duijn en Etienne Prins

In this podcast episode we are going to talk about where this podcast has all started: Utopie in The Hague. Utopie consists of a lawyer’s office and a café. A place which is founded by idealists for idealists. Utopie Lawyers is an idealistic law firm in The Hague and Grand Café Utopie offers space for idealists. 

We will speak with Marco van Duijn and Etienne Prins, initiators of Utopie. With a background in activism, they also fight for a green and just world as lawyers, and provide legal assistance to initiatives that want to bring an ideal society closer. The café, a meeting place for idealists, is for people, foundations and companies that are committed to social goals such as sustainability, nature protection and animal welfare.

If you have any questions for Marco and Etienne you can leave them on CuriousCat ( before we start; or drop them in the chat when we’re live!

Utopie Podcast

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