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Welcome to XR Den Haag – introduction meeting

Are you also worried about the climate and ecological crisis? Are you done standing idly by as politicians and businesses lead us to a climate/ecological devastation?

welkom bij XR

Organiser: Extinction Rebellion The Hague

As you’re aware, Extinction Rebellion (XR) has a special approach. Going beyond climate marches and petitions, we are building a mass movement that can turn the tide. In this meeting you’ll learn all about how to rebel in a way that suits you!✊

This meeting will be in English.

🚩Part 1 : We’ll start with taking a deep dive into the climate and ecological crisis, with room for interaction of course. It’s worse than you think, but don’t worry: you’ll also hear about Extinction Rebellion, and how we think we can turn this ship around.
🚩Part 2 : Join XR The Hague! This session is all about how you can contribute in a way that suits you. We’ll inform you about the upcoming actions in The Hague, and how you can contribute. From legal or mental support to organizing or promotion – and much, much more. And we start to plan a simple, risk-free action.
Are you just curious about XR? Then you’re more than welcome to only join the first part. Do you already know part 1? Then by all means join for the second part!

XR the Hague is looking forward to meet you!

Can’t wait to start contributing? Then invite your friends or family to join you to this meeting, and help the movement grow already!🌱🌍

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