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A workshop space in The Hague

Are you looking for a workshop space in The Hague region? Then come and visit Utopie, located in the city centre. The grand café is often used for social gatherings. Think of hosting an event with drinks, workshops or business or social meetings. We have a hall and a café at our disposal. Both spaces can be rented separately or combined as one big grand café that can host up to a hundred people.

Do you wish to rent a workshop space?

Use our room as a functional workshop space in The Hague

Would you like to rent a workshop space with us in The Hague? Then choose Utopie. We rent out locations and offer two spaces; a hall and a café. These spaces can also be combined, resulting in one large coworking space: the grand café. Check out the rates here. The grand café can accommodate up to a hundred people. The hall accommodates up to forty people, depending on the activity. View the floor plan for an overview of the space. The café with vegan options works as a relaxation space or meeting space where students, companies and employees can network. You can also use our space in the city centre of The Hague as a walk-in and walk-out for your workshop, for example in the adjacent room. After the event or workshop, you can relax with a drink in the café.

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Do you want to rent a workshop space in The Hague? Come and visit us. Do you want to know whether your social ideas and courses fit the image of Utopie? Read more information about our spaces and rental rates, for example if you want to rent a presentation room. Check the availability on the website to rent a room. For urgent questions, please call 070 – 78 300 20. It is also possible to send us an email at Utopie is wheelchair accessible.