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XR: Rethink, Reimagine, Redesign tools for a better tomorrow

3-day special event on Saturday 18, Sunday 19 and Monday 20 September 14:00-17:00h

Rethink Reimagine Redesign

Participants: max 20; min 5
Language: English


Ginie Servant-Miklos teaches Experimental Pedagogics (XP) at Erasmus University. She offers this three day event to XR with the intention to give us the experience of working with tools that go beyond the awareness of the climate crisis towards designing systemic change. It is a good primer for the Autumn Rebellion!


Outline of the 3-day event:

Day 1: Re-imagining the self – identity, grief, agency and the climate crisis
In this workshop, participants will be asked to think through the identity stakes that they have invest-ed in the system and in the climate crisis, and the contradictory, upsetting feelings that come out of these conflicts. Participants think through what it means to be human in times of collapse.

Day 2: Re-imagining the world – a systemic analysis of the every-day
In this workshop, participants will break down an every-day object into the various systems (of op-pression) that sustain its existence. They will come to realise the complexity and overwhelming reach of global production regimes, and our entanglement with them.

Day 3: Re-imagining the future – world-building and how to get there
In this workshop, participants will build on the work of the previous two workshops to imagine a dif-ferent future in times of collapse, through an exercise in “world-building”. Then, they will design an educational bridge to take us from here to there.

Please, send an email to with your name and telephone number. The first 20 people who register, can join this event. Between 28 August and
12 September I will not answer emails. During these two weeks, send me a message through whatsapp: Dina 06-46535304

What’s next?
This is a one time offer. Ginie is willing to write a training manual that we (two or three XR-rebels) can use to give this training to the rest of XR. If you are interested in helping to bring this work fur-ther into our organisation, let me know.

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