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The Lost Civilization Evidence part 2

Some ancient stone buildings like the pyramids spark the emagination. This is partly because they are difficult to explain. How did people build such wonders?

This question becomes even more intriguing when you start looking at these buildings through a geographical lense. Based on his bachelor thesis, Casimir will use geoarcheology and basic scientific scrutiny to disect some of the existing theories on ancient buildings and artifacts, and provide a few possible alternatives in the process. It might be technology unkonown to modern humans. What happened to the lost civilization?

During and after the lecture there will be time for questions. Casimir has knowledge of research methods used in geology and archeology. He has spent a lot if time researching the validity of both mainstream and alternative theories on ancient buildings and artifacts.

This can be an interesting evening for both enthousiasts and sceptics.

Part 1 of this event took place on Sunday 3 March.

The minimal donation to Stichting Utopie for taking part in this two day event is 15 euro. A higher donation will be appreciated.

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