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Queer Fools Comedy and Storytelling night

Have you been in a silly queer situation before? It’s time to share!

Queer Leiden University is an intersectional queer-led collective that aims to connect and support LGBTQIA+ people in The Netherlands.

If trying to define queerness defies its whole essence, so it would be if we tried to describe what queer love is or feels. With this open mic Queer Leiden University wants to offer a space to move away from heteronormativity, monormativity, amatonormativity and any other expectations, to just embrace how queer love feels and shows up for each of us. Bring all the people you care about, and come together in community to express, grieve and celebrate your queer love!

You are welcome to join from 19:00 on.

Utopie is open today from 18:00. Utopie serves a number of simple meals that can be reserved here. Only those who reserve and are at the bar one hour before the start of the program Utopie reports can count on a meal before the start of the program.

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