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Resonances: Dialogues between Baroque and New Music

The Early Music ensemble Celeritas (baroque violin and traverso) presents a programme of Baroque pieces combined with new compositions by Miguel Villanueva, Nirantar Yakthumba and Eduardo Gaspar Polo Baader.

This project will have its official premiere at Utopie, and will be followed by an after-show talk in which the performers and composers will engage in a conversation and invite the audience to share their thoughts on the programme, on the combination of “old” and “new” music, and on the way we relate to music and sounds from the past and the present. You can find the complete musical programme here.

Celeritas is a young ensemble based in Delft and The Hague. With their concerts and projects they aim at building a community and raising questions about the role of artists in our contemporary society, how art should engage with sustainability-related matters, and how we can listen to musical cultural heritage while relating it to the world today.

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